[MARTECHSeries] 4DREPLAY Brings Cutting-Edge Video Technology for Enhanced Immersive Viewing Experience

4DREPLAY launched the world’s fastest full 360-degree 4D time-slice video production system called 4DReplay in 2014. The solution was first used for the pole vault event at the 2014 Asian Games in Korea. Following the successful debut of 4DReplay, the company launched 4DLive in 2019. 4DLive is the world’s first interactive live-streaming service that can display the movements of a subject from a 360-degree angle at any given moment. Over the years, 4DREPLAY has provided its solutions for a variety of professional sporting events including the MLB (Major League Baseball) games and the U.S. Open tournaments. The company is now stepping up the efforts to provide its proprietary technologies to more partners, bringing immersive contents to a wider audience.