4DREPLAY Widens its Horizons to Include the Global “Sports Tech” Market

Introduces “4DLive,” a next-generation interactive media solution, in the US and Taiwan

4DREPLAY (Jung Hongsu, CEO), a startup specializing in 4D video technology, is receiving recognition for its expertise and expanding its influence in the global sports tech market.

After launching “4DReplay,” a multi-viewpoint time slice video production solution, 4DREPLAY, the company, is introducing “4DLive,” a 5G-based interactive multi-view video live streaming solution, in an effort to expand its share of the global sports media technology market.

This solution is designed for major domestic and foreign broadcasters, telecommunication companies, and over-the-top (OTT) media platforms to broadcast sporting events and for producing sports entertainment content. It features an immersive viewing experience from a variety of angles up to 360 degrees. 4DLive is used for accurate decision-making during video analysis of sporting events, and is also useful for analyzing the performance of athletes towards enhancing their capabilities.

According to 4DREPLAY, there is growing interest from the global market in its solution, as the company solidifies its position as a leading sports tech innovation company. On October 15, CEO Jung Hongsu delivered a keynote speech at the Taiwan Innotech Expo (TIE), overseen by more than 10 related government ministries and offices including the Taiwan National Science and Technology Council (NSTC). In July, a company executive was also invited to be a guest on “Trailblazers,” the No. 1 US business podcast, to produce an episode on sports adjudication technology.

During the expo in Taiwan, 4DREPLAY CEO Jung delivered a keynote speech at the “Future Tech” pavilion. Themed as “The Science of Sports,” the event attracted attention thanks to the participation of tens of thousands of industry officials from 20 countries. Jung’s 30-minute speech on “The New Level of Sports Experience” was live-streamed around the world, drawing the industry’s attention to the company’s vision of the future as a global sports media technology leader. 4DREPLAY’s 4D video technology, which has been introduced to professional sports events in many countries, including the Olympic Games, has been lauded for raising expectations about the way it will innovate viewer experience.

The Trailblazers podcast, in which 4DREPLAY was a guest, is hosted by Walter Isaacson — selected as one of the Time 100, referring to the most influential people in the world—and is extremely popular in the United StatesHenry Chon, the chief operating officer (COO) of 4DREPLAY’s US headquarters, stepped onto the Trailblazers stage with industry experts from ESPN, NBA, FIFA, and EPL, as well as the Vice President of Major League Baseball (MLB) and the founder of Hawk-Eye. Chon explained 4DREPLAY’s contribution to sports assessment technology while Isaacson praised 4DREPLAY for taking sports viewing—revolutionized by the Hawk technology acquired by the Sony Group—to the next level.

“We will do our best to ensure that 4DREPLAY is seen as a global leader in sports media technology by governments, industries, and academia around the world,” said Mr. Jung, adding, “Based on the industry’s awareness of and trust in 4DReplay, the first-generation solution, we plan to spread the use of 4DLive, our next-generation interactive media solution.”

Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/4dreplay-widens-horizons-global-sports-130000452.html